Art by:  Heri Irawan

Art by: Heri Irawan


LBR Forums.

-Where We’re At-
JAX: “Another update?” “Now what?” “When are we going to learn something about the story?” “This might actually be too much content.” “Who’s supposed to be able to do all this?” “I get to play an hour after work, if I’m lucky.” “Only the super hard core will ever figure any of this stuff out.” “I’m going back to _______.” And plenty of other complaints.

Whew, so what do we do? How do we make a game for everyone? Here’s the honest answer: We don’t. We can’t. There are some of you that play LBR more than ten hours a day (there are some real outliers that are playing more than fifteen hours a day). And we have a decent percentage of our player base that logs on for half an hour, maybe an hour, a few times a week. That’s all the time they can find to play. You might think that we want to make LBR for the former, push as much content out as we can to keep the hardcore players sated. But that isn’t the case at all, we simply want to make the best game that we can.

When we launch a new update it isn’t because we’re thinking, ‘Uh-oh, oh gee, those hardcore players need more to do.’ Not at all. In fact your playing habits have very little to do with what we create. Note I did not say your habits have nothing to do with what we make. That isn’t true either. Reality wavers between the two. It’s a constant struggle to find balance. I can see your responses now. “But you’ve said Fun > Balance!” And that’s true, 100%, but that applies to in-game content. Is this gun too strong? Is this Hero useless? Does this perk give a certain Hero too much of an advantage? That’s the kind of Balance that Fun trumps.

Here’s some food for thought. We play LBR. Not as much as some of you, we tend to fall into the ‘1-2 hours a few times a week’ group (we’re too busy working on LBR to play it more than that). We’ve put things into the game that will surprise us. You might not think that’s possible, but we’ve figured out a few tricks to make it so. Point being, there’s stuff in there that even we don’t know about.


“Well done, Hero. Will you fight for us? Come to Solin alone so we can talk.” The woman’s voice says, it isn’t one Ac1d has ever heard before.

The hell? Come to…How? Solin is a squad map. How am I supposed to go there alone? What the? The game ends and Ac1d leans back in his chair, brow knitted, hands laced behind his head. There’s no sign of the message. The only hint that a woman said anything at all is his fading memory.


“JAX,” Todd waves.

JAX lifts their chin, tells the person they’re talking to something, smiles, then makes their way to Todd. “Hey.”

“What say the people?” JAX shrugs. “Any sighting of Crystalis yet?”

JAX shakes their head. “Nope. Not a peep. We’ll know the second someone finds something. That kind of stuff doesn’t stay hidden for long. One mention on the forum, one screenshot shared on Reddit, one video—that’s all it takes.”

“Yeah,” Todd nods. “Yeah, assuming someone shares what they find. I was thinking about this last night, kept me up for an hour. What if even we can’t find her?”

JAX’s eyes widen. “Oh. Huh. That’s…Yeah, wow. That’s totally possible. I never considered that. I’m so used to people wanting to talk about anything and everything they encounter. Well this is interesting.”