#133 Magic Update with D&D Chat

Peranine talks about a recent FNM and tries some two player D&D. Is this something they'll do again? Maybe, but let us know if you think this is interesting or what you think of it at all.


#132 P9 This Wild Adventure

The more you know the more you realize how little you know. From fonts to mics to the Internet at large, there's no shortage of things to figure out. Whew, it's a lot.


#128 Get Out There, Do Stuff

Things get done by doing them. Again and again. Playing the lottery is not a viable option, but the tried and true method of a little bit every day works.


#131 P9 Discussing Life Direction

Life is full of twists and turns. Money helps grease the gears, but isn't an end all. It's a means. Del has a job, but Vera does not. Is content creation a viable career?


#130 P9 Talks About Ladies Night

Warning! Audio glitch at 42:27, turn your volume down (it only lasts for a moment). Vera went to a neat thing. Wizards of the Coast wants to appeal to more people. More players means bigger business and Wizards is in the business of making that cash money. How can they get more people into this great game?


#129 To Name or Number

This online content stuff is ... deep. There's so much to learn, so much to know, so much to do. Lots to look forward to.


#127 M20 Prerelease

Vera and Del went to Mox Boarding House in Seattle for M20's release. They did pretty well. Vera went 2-0-1 and Del went 3-0-0. In this episode they talk about game triggers. How many times should you tell a new player about a missed one?