#155 Adventure Calls Roya

A short one, but Roya is about to get into some adventuring. She, Marigold, Spalding, and Jensen meet up to discuss where things stand with the Henry and Susan murder, and try to figure out what Paul's deal is


#154 First Eldraine FNM Recap

Talking about where standard is. Which means Del complains about Field of the Dead and Vera talks about using Thief of Sanity in her Esper homebrew. Standard is in a real strange place right now.


#153 Roya Learns More

Roya discovers something about Henry, Susan, and Paul. Now she has to decide what to do. She never wanted to become a part of some large problem, but now it's a little too late.


#154 The Mill Stories 1

Louis has tended bar at The Mill for years, has been working for Jill since he was a child. One thing that not many people know about him is his ongoing battle with depression. He has a chat with Rewner to try and figure out what he can do about it.


#152 Facing Depression

How do you beat depression? To be honest, I don't think you do. You befriend it, you face it, and you learn to come up with a plan before you're ever in the midst of a rough go. But when the waves come a'crashing, it's real hard to know which way is up unless you put a life-vest on before ever stepping into the water.


#151 Our Schedule

Life is hard, yo. When do you find time to do the stuff you actually care about when working a job you're not totally in-love with? Vera and Del like their jobs, but they like Magic and D&D a lot more. And producing content isn't easy.


#150 Thoughts on Eldraine

The Peras talk about playing with Eldraine cards. How they did at pre-release and what they're looking forward to. Overall thoughts on the set: Very cool look, but we'll have to see how things go to know how it plays.