#123 On the Road

We're in Fargo, ND and even here there's Magic. Almost any decent sized city is going to have at least one game shop where you'll find some tables to play some games. Sometimes you get lucky and get to play Modern Horizons for less than half the normal price.


#122 Time to Move

We're heading back to Seattle. After more than a year away it feels oh-so-good to be on our way back.


#121 Public Shaming

Sometimes talking to someone one-on-one isn't enough. Sometimes what needs to happen is for the person that's crossed a line to be called out in front of the group.


#120 Value Systems

If you don't know what matters to you, and why, then almost anything will do. You need to have the answers to hard questions or other's will find homes in the slots you've left unfilled.


#119 M20 and Other Stuff

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Del blather's on for about 20 minutes before Vera shows up. They talk about M20, what they're looking forward to once they get back to Seattle, and Vera's struggles with killing her Forests.


#118 Taste the Nihilism

My wife went on a walk on a hazy day. She said she could almost taste the nihilism. I told her, "No, you could literally taste it. That's exactly what you tasted."


#117 Is This Funny?

Do I have interesting views, or are they just messed up? How else do people see the world? Surely I'm not the only one that sees the hilarity in some of these things.