#89 Five Strengths

I tend to focus on my weaknesses, because those are what I want to be aware of. But surely I'm good at something, what? Turns out the answers aren't at all surprising. I think that's a good thing.


#88 Mind Bridges

We're connected to so much more than ourselves. Do you want to connect to filth or glory? What do you want to feed on? What do you want traveling through your soul?


#87 Observing Myself

There's a lot of ways to learn, a lot of ways to improve, but what's the best way? As with so many things in life there is no one right way, but many. You have to find what works best for you and for each situation.


#86 Party Mind

Why is new scary and challenging? Is there a way to overcome our fears of growing? Maybe what we need to do is be more willing to accept new things.


#85 Barback Diaries: Day Two

Eat fast, leave quick. Doing stuff with speed. The curse of knowledge. Preppy people (maybe?).


#84 Barback Diaries: Day One

Ever seen a show based in a kitchen? Or read Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential--or seen the show based off the book? It's all accurate. One big dance.


#83 New Job

Finding new things to do and explore in life helps keep the mind active and youthful.