#72 Detroit: So Much Potential

One of the greatest American cities is little more than a skeleton of its former self. Right now it's a zombie lumbering along, too tired to even eat brains. But a little mental power is what it needs.


#71 Carrots and Tigers.

Sometimes finding ways to motivate you involve doing things you might call cheating. But is it really cheating to use a cane if you need some help walking? I think not.


#70 Free Will? pt.2

Is there a level of complexity beyond calculation? If so, then how can it be said our lives, and all the actions they contain, are little more than a simple unfolding? I think I might be getting closer to something.


#69 Changing the Past

The past is more fluid than we like to think, it changes quite often. Not in the way you might be thinking. I can't un-eat a breakfast, or un-run a red light. But there are things that can change.


#68 Free Will?

I can't shake the feeling that the debate between free will and determinism isn't as simple as it seems. But maybe it is? I'm having a tough time with this one.


#67 People change, ideas don't

An unwillingness to adopt new ideas does not mean you haven't changed--you have. You might not have changed in ways other people appreciate, but, like it or not, you're not the same person today as you were yesterday.


#66 Magic: Green

Should we impose our will--our opinions--on others and nature? It depends on what your will on opinion is.