#107 Types - Players and Decks

Timmy, Johnny, and Spike (aka Tammy, Jenny, and Star)--the three different types of magic players. Which type are you?


#106 Not in a Day

To become great at something you need to invest time. Time and dedication and plenty more. To be a master you must devote your mind and body to the task--nothing happens in a flash.


#105 A Magical Relationship

Vera and Del talk about how Magic has been an anchor for them. They mention a few card's art they like, touch on representation in media, and a few other topics.


#104 Stepping on Toes

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Del has a tendency to think he knows the best move in any given situation--he doesn't. He's often wrong. This error in his way of thinking has gotten him into hot water more than once.


#103 Barback Diaries the End

How much do you need to see or be subjected to before you decide, 'You know what, this isn't for me. I've got to call it the end on this project'? I'm sure some will see my choice on this as being poor form, but I have my reasons.


#102 End Game pt.3

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I've fallen out of love with DC and am a Marvel fan now. Hmm, interesting.


#101 Moments of Significance

Every time I hear an interview with someone that has gone through a life-changing ordeal they say the same things. "I'm more patient", "I see what really matters now, people, love, friendship", "I don't care so much about material things." How many times do we need to hear this for it to click?