#53 One Step At A Time

Take things piece-by-piece and you'll get a lot more done, be methodical, and solve a problem or a few.


#52 What Do You Do?

I'm kind of all over in this one, but the general idea I talk about is how to live when faced with so many choices.


#51 You Suck at Everything

You'll never get better at the things you don't practice, you'll only improve the skills and traits you work on.


#50 The Value of Truth

I believe that there's nothing more important--at all--than telling the truth (being honest) with yourself and others.


#49 Fear

Can fear be beneficial, or is it always a bad thing?


#48 What's Missing

Every question has an answer, but sometimes I want to use the wrong form to reply.


#47 Finding Answers

Finding what works for you is a process, one that takes time, but it starts with believing there is indeed a solution at all.