#65 Magic: Red

Chaos. I'm not a fan of it. Emotion. Worthless besides the moment it indicates something. I am not a fan of Red in Magic and I explain why that is.


#64 Magic: Black

Black cares about one thing and one thing only, itself. It is ego personified. It doesn't care about you, or anything else.


#63 Magic: Blue

What does Blue represent, why do I like it? Are we blanks slates? Well, kind of, but not really. Listen to find out more.


#62 Magic: White

White is one of two colors I enjoy playing these days. I talk about what White represents and what it is about it I enjoy.


#61 Abortion?

People say there's no good time to have a baby, that you're never ready. But is there a better time? Is there anyway to be at least somewhat ready?


#60 Find A New Path

Think about where you are. Do you want to stay there? Where do you want to go? Where are you trying to end up?


#59 Christmas

When I was younger I liked getting gifts, didn't think about giving them too much. As I got older I grew cynical and was anti-holiday spirit. Now I have a bit more nuanced view.