#97 Hard Work

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What happens when talent and hard work find a way to team up? I'm not sure, but I intend to find out. Seems like hard work plus talent makes for an unstoppable force.


#96 Bargaining Syndrome

Bargaining Syndrome--my name until I find a better one--is when you make promises in hopes of getting out of your current less-than-ideal situation. "Oh, I'll never eat junk food again if..." or "Please, heal my dog, and I'll always..." What deals do you make? Do you stick to them?


#95 True Black Tarot

There are a lot of Tarot decks out there, dozens, maybe hundreds. There might even be thousands. But of all the ones I've encountered none come close to the quality of True Black.


#94 End Game Conversation

Avengers: End Game released this week and I saw it with my wife. Between us we've seen all the Marvel movies at this point (Vera hasn't seen a couple of them, I've seen them all). There ARE spoilers in this conversation.


#93 Context and Strategic

Per CliftonStrengths Context and Strategic are talents four and five. Context is all about looking at the past to see what the best move Now is. While Strategic is about seeing the lines that connect things in surprising ways.


#92 Responsibility

Of the 34 talents listed in the book Discover Your CliftonStrengths, Responsibility is my third and the only one out of five under Executing--whatever that means.


#91 WAR Review

The upcoming Magic the Gather set, War of the Spark, has more than 250 cards being added to the already massive pool. Some look amazing (visually), other seem powerful (gameplay wise) and some are so-so. I share some thoughts on the cards that stand out to me.