Some Dream, Others Dread

Art by:  Livia Prima

Art by: Livia Prima


The instant Ashiok arrived on Ravnica it was clear a trap had been set and sprung. Unable to leave the plane Ashiok came close to knowing fear. Ashiok lifts that fear like a rug hiding a secret passage and finds bliss.

While the Dragon-God’s dream of grandeur is realized the people of Ravnica scream in terror. Gruul rioters run through the streets looting, pillaging, causing destruction and mayhem in attempt to avoid their own fears—that they’re nothing without a system to attack.

Everyone has a fear here. Yes, even the Dragon-God. Buried in the back of his mind lingers a worry that he’s missed something, some single piece of his grand scheme. Hubris and self-doubt, two sides of a coin best spent on improving oneself. Fears rise like cream to the top of the general populace’s collective unconscious. They drift, formless, but not for long.

Ashiok turns terror into live beings. A child’s imagination—always so ripe—gives rise to a Skulker. A creature born of whispers. The child has seen her parents speaking in low voices as the world burns, cries, and crumbles. She wonders what they say to each other. Will everything be alright? No, child. Not this day.

Dipping into one mind after another, pulling from each a thought, an idea, a worry. Ashiok finds threads to weave nightmares and horrors. What a wonderful gift Bolas has provided, an entire plane of fear. What a delicious buffet to feast from. And yes, it looks as though dessert will be served. The Dragon-God’s small worry is growing, his plan has holes. Holes Ashiok will pour smoke into and tear wide open. What will come forth? Oh the anticipation is the stuff of dreams—at least for one.