An Ideal

Art by:  mist XG

Art by: mist XG


This one is for the critics. Those that say Captain America isn’t real. That say his movies are for kids. They that ask ‘Why don’t you grow up and pay attention to what really matters?’ Where do you find what really matters? In books? Which ones? Maybe newspapers? Or on television where people yell at each other in thirty-second bursts? How is that anymore real? Have you ever seen people talk to each other that way outside of TV?

He’s an example of what you could be--if you wanted. He’s what we all could be, if we aimed high enough. I hear those same critics scoffing and guffawing already. ‘He’s a comic book character, a super soldier. I can’t be him.’ No? What is it you really want? Take a moment and think about that. If it helps try this out: Imagine yourself utterly alone, with nothing. Absolutely nothing. You and the void of space and nothing else. Can you picture that? Solitary confinement in the extreme. For all you know this will last for the rest of time. Eternity. The sun will burn out, every star in the universe will die and be reborn, and you’ll still be alone. Now try and imagine what it is you want. You get one wish.

Is it a book? Not likely. A cupcake? Probably not. A deck of cards? Hmm, no. A drink, a real stiff one? Seems unlikely. What about a friend? Someone to talk to? Someone to share time with. Would you want that? They say the worst thing you can possibly do to someone is remove them from all human contact. Rats get addicted to cocaine without friends. Humans lose hope within days. Minds begin to crumble without interaction. With contact? Life is vibrant and full, and lasts longer.

All Steve wanted was to be with Peggy, the love of his life. To be with her he endured loss, and pain, and war. Saw friends die, cities crumble, and half of all life in the universe snapped to ash. Through it all, he was an example. He wields not a sword, or gun, or bow, but a shield. Protected those he could, even in the smallest of ways. Gave hope to the grief stricken. He became an ideal.

If that isn’t real enough for you then, by all means, flick the TV back on. Watch the pundits fight some more. But ask yourself this: Which is more likely to bring you a friend? Knowing what the newscasters are whining about, or following his example?

Captain America only wants the best for us, what do you want?