Breakfast With Neko

On his way to the fountain, Gavin unscrews the cap from his water bottle. Sees the counter has finally entered the quadruple digits. Grins, glad others are using it. Pushes the bottle under the spout.

“Gavin.” Mark nods. Passes on by, then stops and turns back. “Headed down to mail, need me to take anything?”

“No. Thanks, I’m set.” Water spills over the top of his bottle. Dumps a little out, caps it.

“Good idea.” Mark says.


Mark nods towards the fountain. “You bugging them about getting that installed, the bottle refill thing was a good idea. I don’t think I ever saw anyone use it before.” Tucks the bundle of mail under his arm. “How’re you supposed to drink from one of those anyways? As an adult, I mean. It’s fine when you’re a kid, but once you’re over four-feet tall it’s a real hassle. There’s no good way to get your face to the spout without putting yourself in some real strange positions. Bend at the waist? And what…Brace yourself with your other hand on the wall? Or squat? You ever seen anyone squat to drink from a water fountain?” Smirks.

Gavin chuckles, “Can’t say I have.”

Mark takes a step closer, lowers his voice, “Glad to see you smiling again, man.”

“Mm, thanks. Had a good breakfast this morning. First time I’ve eaten before noon in months. Must have gotten to a breaking point last night. Was puttering around the store and told myself, Enough is enough, tomorrow you’ll get up early and make yourself a good breakfast.”

“Yeah? What’d you have?” Mark asks.

“Eggs, toast, some orange juice. Sausage, bacon, coffee.” Smiles.

“Sounds nice.”

“Yeah, it was. Neighbor’s cat came by. I think she wanted a bite. Told her I didn’t have any fish. Even looked, thought I might have had a can of tuna.”

Mark shifts, tries to smiles, but it falters. “Alright, well”—pats the mail.

“Yeah…Yeah, thanks for saying something.”

“Sure thing, man.” Turns to go, “Oh, hey, like I said the other day…Open invitation for Fridays. We always hang out for a few hours. Looks like it’ll be karaoke this week”—chuckles—”should be fun.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Gavin heads back to his desk. Karaoke. Huh. Might be alright. Breakfast today. Maybe go singing Friday? What next?