Sephara, Sky's Blade

Art by:  Livia Prima

Art by: Livia Prima


Far above the plains below, amid the clouds, sit four angels. Too young to be named, they talk of those honored enough to have one. Akroma, Avacyn, Lyra, Radiant, and Sephara. They’re arguing over who they’d most like to fight beside.

“Avacyn. How can you even suggest another?” asks Line 9,765. Written in the great book, but not yet granted a name.

“Because I truly believe with Lyra at my side I would last longer. Have you ever been near her?” Verse 2,377 asks. Spoken into being, she once felt the boon of Lyra’s presence. Verse 2,377 knows the others never have. “She...She made me feel more alive than anything.”

“You say all this, but in a true battle Radiant would be the one I’d want by my side. You act as if you know how to fight. Have you sparred yet? Any of you? I certainly haven’t. How much use would you be to Lyra or Avacyn?” asks Song 4,458. “As long as Radiant were by my side I’d feel safe.”

“Alright, fine,” says Line 9,765, “I want to change my answer from Avacyn to—”

“No, no. You can’t,” says Line 5,921. “You picked Avacyn, you have to stick with your choice and debate it.”

“Alright, fine,” concedes Line 9,765. “Who do you think then?”

“Akroma,” says Line 5,921. “Without a doubt.”

The clouds part. Swirls of silver, gold, and white lift from the plains below, gather between the four angels, and coalesce into the form of Sephara--known as the Sky's Blade. “What’s this all about?” she asks.

“Sephara,” says Song 4,458, “we were debating who we’d want to have in battle with us.”

“Ah-hah, and?”

“We’re torn,” says Song 4,458. “We’ve been going back-and-forth about a few, we can’t come to an agreement.”

“It’s vain I know, but I have to ask…Did my name come up?” There’s a nervous flutter of wings, four new angels with no response for Sephara. She waits, a thin smile on her lips. “I’m going to take that as a no.”

Song 4,458 shakes their head. “No. We only talked of—” they trail off with a sigh.

“Ah, don’t fret. I was only curious. Remember, where there are four I may arise.”

“We won’t forget,” says Verse 2,377.

The four angels thank Sephara for the visit. They follow the path she cuts through the clouds with awe in their eyes and warmth in their hearts.